Uzbekistan introduces house arrest institute

08/09/2014 3:17 pm

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan introduces house arrest institute in line with the law “On introduction of changes and amendments to some legislative acts of Uzbekistan”, which was signed by the President of Uzbekistan on 4 September 2014.

Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan passed the law on 23 August 2014, the Senate approved it on 28 August 2014.

According to the law, house arrest is applied to suspects or defendants if there are grounds to take them into custody, but it is unreasonable to hold them in jail due to their age, health, marital status and other circumstances.

The suspects or defendants will be kept in full or partial isolation in their habitation and their movement will be controlled.

The suspects or defendants can be kept in medical establishment based on health conditions of suspects or defendants.

The court can set concrete bans to suspects or defendants during home arrest. These can include contacts with set number of people, sending or receiving correspondence, use of communication means, or leaving habitation.

The habitation can be guarded. The suspects’ behavior can be supervised, including with use of special electronic means. The law enforcement bodies can inspect location of the suspects or defendants in any time of the day.

The suspects or defendants can meet lawyers in the venue, where they are kept. The term and order of house arrests determined in line with articles 241, 243, 245-248 of the Criminal Procedural Code.

If the suspects or defendants violate terms of house arrest, the home arrest can be replaced with arrest in jail.

The house arrest can be applied to only suspects or defendants.