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About bureau

Advocates Bureau “ABSOLVO BONA FIDES” was founded in 2008 and is a law firm (organization), specializing in Corporate Law and in Civil Disputes Resolution.

Activity of our bureau bases on the following major principles:


For prosperous cooperation with a client, our team acts in accordance with the “individuality” principle. According to this principle, we seek an individual approach to each client taking into account the nature of his business and civil dispute.


An important condition in law practice is providing high-quality legal services to a client promptly. Our team takes all measures to resolve any situation in the process of cooperation.


Efficiency is unalienable part of our Bureau’s practice. Our team advises all options to settle an argument on civil disputes. During co-operation with legal entities, our team researches the nature of business and gives legal advice for running business at favorable conditions in the territory of Uzbekistan and abroad as well. Our Bureau realizes that efficiency is an important precondition of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Self-education is a compulsory in our staff. The specialists of our bureau continue learning and attend the courses to improve their qualification on regular basis. Our bureau permanently organizes seminars, trainings, round-table conference for our team. 

Friendly Relationship

Our Bureau pays attention to build friendly relations with clients. Our team tries to achieve close and trustful relations with clients from the first day of co-operation.


Our team keeps in secret the fact that the client asked for legal advice, content of consultation, advices and explanations, and other information, obtained from and related to the client.

Prompt, high quality and efficient legal advice is a prerequisite of Your success.